The Search is over

I have finally found a coffee that I love in a bodum. Kicking horse’s Kootenay Crossing will make life on the road that much better this season.


Richard said…
Where do you get it? Can you post a link?
allison said…
Wait, what? Isn't any coffee good in a Bodum?

If $$ is no object I highly recommend the Kona Peabody coffee from Kimo Bean ( But, I just drink fresh hand-ground Caramel coffee from our local Henry's Marketplace.

For super dark roast, Camp4Coffee in Crested Butte has some tasty beans also.
Kika said…
You can get it at most Canadian Grocery stores....but if that doesn't help
I like the kootenay crossing for bodum, but find it too mild for espresso machine. For that i'd try Kick ass or Three sisters
feelgood said…
ooh I love that coffee, but its so expensive, at least in Ontario it is.
Kika said…
oh I should mention too that I like it ground finer than normal for a bodum for the best flavour

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