An overnight turn around from Rossland had me heading to Victoria with 2 bikes excited for some trail time.  I was also getting to visit great friends and my brother so it was going to be a good 10 days.

West coast based national mtb riders were descending on Victoria for some good riding.  The tables were turned as I camped out at Matt and Catherine’s place in Vic.  They were pretty awesome hosts and combining in jean ann and Sandra’s culinary skills we were also feasting tremendously.

Since I left Victoria so many phenomenal trails have sprouted up.  The trails were wet, challenging and fun.  The forest felt thriving with life; moist, mossy, green, it was invigorating.  

After the weeklong camp I stayed around to get in some rides with my brother and take advantage of his knowledge patience to work on my manual, drops and jumping!

Pretty tired out I headed home and took a recovery DH ski day with Keith, finding some untouched powder to play in.