After moving to the interior of BC from Victoria in 2004 I’ve had to embrace winter training.  Initially I’d hang on to riding way too long (and have fingers and toes hypersensitive to the cold to show for it).  Now that I’m half proficient at skate skiing though winter is much more enjoyable, surrounded by sun reflecting off white snow (and at slower speeds less wind and cold!)

I had the neat opportunity this December to stay with and train with the Alberta World cup ski academy as the prepared for an early season race in Vernon, BC.  It’s always interesting to see how other sports train and prepare, how technical their sport is with waxing and how different training can be when technique must be perfect and weather isn’t always cooperative, but also the similarities in preparation and training.

The team was mostly juniour and under 23 athletes with a lot of talent.  They were very grounded and ambitious so it will be fun to follow their racing. After getting a skate and classic lesson from the coaches during the day…and learning, not unexpectedly, that I have a long way to go, the girls made me an amazing dinner that night and had tons of questions to ask me about racing and training. 

Aside from lots of Nordic skiing, Keith and I decided to get in a bit more DH skiing this winter too so over the holidays we have hit the slopes a couple times here and in Revelstoke.  Some cloudy days meant low visibility and more exciting than expected runs with Keith going off of a several foot drop and me hitting at least  a 1 footer…which relative to my ski level was pretty exciting!