Kamloops, you are very loveable

Today was one of those great training days. With the Masters ski World Champs last week I cross country skied for the first time ever in March. Ski conditions right now are great, but usually I have traded skis for bikes long ago. This year winter kept hanging on and it wasn’t until last week that I could ride outside consistently. Kamloops being the climate it is, it would snow in the am, but if I waited till noon I could do a 4hr ride on dry roads. You gotta love when the sun starts packing some heat.

Sure today winds gusted up to 60km/hr, but those winds are drying out our trails and I got on my mtb for 4hrs. I even got to do a 20 min loop at race pace on dirt without my thermal jacket or booties! Yippee!

Aside from enjoying the many new coffee shops that are popping up around Kamloops, Keith and I also found a great new restaurant here called Crush. It is very good quality and inexpensive and best of all they source locally and make health conscious sauces. Keith had a delicious teriyaki chicken burger and I tried the open faced Portobello sandwich with goat cheese, caramelized onions and a blueberry balsamic reduction. it;s a bit messy, but very tasty!

So if you are in or passing through Kamloops check them out http://www.crushonvictoria.com/