June at home

Wow how have I managed to get 2 consecutive June's mostly at home?  

Kamloops is wonderfully green with the rain we've been getting and I have discovered that Dill is a gardening menace!

The Art walk is now on and Susan Helly a mountain bike enthusiast created this fantastic piece (sponsor correct no less with Mavic rims and Maxxis tires!)

Taking advantage of being at "home" I haven't actually spent a weekend here.  I get in my Kamloops time and miles in the week and find new playgrounds on the weekend hitting up some of my favourite trails in Revelstoke and even doing a twoonie race and then heading to the coast this weekend and doing my first road race in i think 5 years?  It was pretty fun and left me wanting to try one of the bigger North West races.

Next up is the Test of Metal, a classic mtb race in BC with a 1000 mass start.  Kamloops is also hosting a 6hr enduro this year and already has 85 participants so I see another classic in the works.