Gold Plates Dinner

 From Kitchen Galerie Poisson in montreal a delicate delight of thinly sliced tuna with a succulent balsamic jelly
From Rouge in Calgary Blackend Catfish with citrus beure, so many wowing flavours!

Mc’d by an easy going and funny Adam VanKoeverden, I was able to join 6 other Olympic Athletes at, I think, one of the best fundraisers ever; the Grand finale of the Canadian Culinary Championships! As the top 10 chefs from across Canada prepared sample dishes designed to wow our all of our senses, the 150+ guests wined and dined unaware of the nerves undoubtedly rumbling in their stomachs.

After cruising around for 2hrs tasting wines and mouth watering dishes, us athletes got introduced and the auctions began. Trips to Tuscany, Napa Valley, Chile and France were on the table. Not only were these vacations, but unique in that they offered private concerts by Canadian musicians such as Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy, Bare Naked Ladies Ed Robertson and our own Barney Bentall (and the Legendary hearts- who it turns out is a cyclist himself). You’re also travelling with some of Canada’s top Olympians, making these trips one of a kind and much more than just a nice vacation!

It was awesome to see the generosity of the people of Kelowna and Canadian Businesses, supporting the Olympic movement and its athletes, and that we in return could give them once in a lifetime travel experiences!

The evening was capped off by the dynamic duo of Ed Robertson (Bare Naked Ladies) and Barney Bentall who together became “Bentall out of shape” and kept us laughing into the night.

Congrats to Marc Lepine of Ottawa (Atelier), Rob Feenie of Vancouver (Cactus Club) and Jean-Phillipe St-Denis of Montreal (Kitchen Galerie Poisson) for your Gold, Silver and Bronze finishes.

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