How's it Going?

Gladly the answer is good!

It has been 6 weeks since I broke my collar bone and I am back on the mtn bike and even going off of big jumps thanks to the inspiration of several youthful ladies that don't process the "what ifs" only the "what next"!

My back to form process involved 2 weeks on the trainer, 2 weeks of road and then split road and mtn bike training weeks as well as lots of athletic therapy.  I have hopefully learned to become more efficient in the saddle with all my seated miles!
 Enjoying some often missed mid-summer hiking in Penticton, BC.
 The trainer isn't so bad in AC when the other option is 38 degrees celsius outside

When was the last time I got to camp in the middle of race season?  Spent the weekend with my brother Liz, Fiona and Keith on Vancouver Island.

                                           Gaining strength and mobility at SAGE Kamloops

Back to racing!

This afternoon I will be lining up against most of the fastest women in the US for the Catamount Classic US Cup in Williston Vermont.   The Davison sisters (Lea and Sabra) have been hard at work over the last several years hosting Little Bella camps to grow female participation in mtn biking and now they have teamed up with Catamount to offer a race that highlights the women in mtn biking offering us higher prize money, we race the same distance as the men and race at the prime viewing time.

From Lea "Sabe and I are doing this to push women's cycling forward, to make a statement, and attain the equality that we deserve in the cycling world.  We are also doing it to show the Little Bellas that women are on a level playing field in the sport.  Should they choose to pursue cycling, there is some kind of fair future for them."

Fun racing and Lemonade socials with the little ladies is on schedule for Teal and I this weekend!