Feeling Fortunate

Keith and I have just started a 3 month road trip/training camp.  With news of an impending snowstorm we packed up our camperized van early and hit the highways before we got snowed in (and a good thing too as Kamloops experienced road closures after we got ~50cm).  
What arrived within 24hrs of leaving town!
Our sadness at leaving ski season behind diminished 2 days later as we met up with friends in Corvallis Oregon to do some spectacular road riding.  This state definitely deserved more time exploring but we were in search of sunshine and double digit temperatures so continued south.

We found what we were looking for in the Napa Valley of California.  After stocking up on some Clif Family wines and ridding travel fatigue with a couple nights and rides in the St Helena area we made our way to ClifBar to say hi and stock up on the food essentials; mojo bars, kits organics and luna protein top the list.
The Good Stuff!
This place is magic.  We have spent team camp in the Napa Valley the last 2 years and I finally got to show Keith why morning coffee is so good!

Also on the to do list was to meet our new clothing sponsor Capo and try out some pieces.  Wow, so excited to be in this stuff next year.  It is the nicest lycra I’ve tried.…and that says a lot .   http://www.capocycling.com/capo-custom

We’re now settled in a block from the beach in Santa Cruz where you can smell the sea and huge cedars on the same ride. 

Life is feeling pretty good! After 10 years of base training at home through the winter it’s a fun switch things up and share the adventure with Keith.  It is one thing to travel for racing, but a entirely different experience to travel to train, explore and discover.
Checking out a cool little surf town called Capitola

Thanks to our awesome house/kitty sitter Jeanine for making it possible!