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Big week

22hrs of riding +1 race + 1 new bike + 1 photo shoot + 1 factory tour +1 St Paddy’s Potluck = 1 kick ass week Last Sunday Keith and I left the house at 5:00 am and headed to Vancouver. After passing through a 25 degree temperature change (Coquihalla -19) we arrived in a Sunny Fort Langley in time to sign up for a spring series road race. I joined the B group and set off on the 11 lap, 80km race. The first couple accelerations out of the corners were tough, but eventually I got my race on and started situating myself better in the 60+ strong group. The climbs were fast & hard, but easier than the grunt I had expected. After the third or fourth lap I found myself in a very male group. The first couple laps saw attacks off the front, but unless the attack group was really committed and organized it wasn’t going to work. I chased down some breaks on the first laps, but quickly saw they weren’t going anywhere. On lap 4 a commuter refused to stop for the flaggers and as we came off t