Big week

22hrs of riding +1 race + 1 new bike + 1 photo shoot + 1 factory tour +1 St Paddy’s Potluck = 1 kick ass week

Last Sunday Keith and I left the house at 5:00 am and headed to Vancouver. After passing through a 25 degree temperature change (Coquihalla -19) we arrived in a Sunny Fort Langley in time to sign up for a spring series road race. I joined the B group and set off on the 11 lap, 80km race. The first couple accelerations out of the corners were tough, but eventually I got my race on and started situating myself better in the 60+ strong group.

The climbs were fast & hard, but easier than the grunt I had expected. After the third or fourth lap I found myself in a very male group. The first couple laps saw attacks off the front, but unless the attack group was really committed and organized it wasn’t going to work. I chased down some breaks on the first laps, but quickly saw they weren’t going anywhere. On lap 4 a commuter refused to stop for the flaggers and as we came off the descent into a 90 degree turn two riders swerved to avoid him and went down. Common People!!

I didn’t quite have the punch last time up the climb to finish super strong. But can claim to be the only female to finish the entire race in the field. Averaging close to 40km on a hilly course wasn’t so bad either.

After the race a bunch of us headed down for lunch at Wendell’s coffee ?? including mtber’s Sandra Walter and Jean Ann Mckirdy. Yeah race season has begun.

Monday we headed to Norco for a factory tour. It’s a pretty impressive set up. You have no idea how many minds go into designing & distributing bikes…not to mention tons of other wicked products. Norco is a pretty well oiled machine. After getting to meet a lot of the staff and picking up one of my new rides .. a sweet EXC 1.0FS we did a photo shoot. Luckily unlike the family portraits my mum requested at Christmas the Norco crew didn’t try to apply blush to my cheeks or fluff my hair! Just a couple shots of me hanging out with my new ride.

Next stop: Tswassen Ferries and Victoria
In Vic we crashed with our friends Brendan and Amanda. My Bro lives 1 block away and in between there was a coffee shop and bakery. Sweet set up for the week. We were pretty excited to be back in Vic and out of our small basement suite. A whole week of no work and no having to crawl over a bike to get to our closet or dresser!

During the week I got in tons of road and mountain bike rides. The EXC 1.0FS is a super fun bike I would recommend to anyone. I had so much fun riping up the trails at the dump and even more ripping down -new to me fun trails lumpy pants and Jelly Roll. I joined Brendan for a road ride with Pacificsport and got a chance to revisit Shawnigan lake and remember what it's like to do a rainy Victoria ride The next day I hooked up with Trish Sinclair for another fun mtb ride.

Friday night my bro had a potluck which brought out some old friends and a lot of new fun people too. My dad arrived in town on business and joined our crew. So this, combined with lots of coffee shop visits with friends & my coach made for a wicked week. I do kinda miss the place.

Sunday :Unfortunately I seem to have picked up a cold along the way. Argh, but am hoping it won’t turn into much. Doing my final 2 hrs of riding on the mainland I completed the 22 hr week. It was sunny and beautiful and perhaps we were a bit reluctant to leave, but our cat Isaa was waiting for us back in Chase. Not to mention a couple workplaces.