World Cups, Engagements and Girls on Big Bikes

Almost three weeks have passed with scant thought put into this blog. It has actually been a pretty busy time however. Following the Norba at Mt. Snow. Matt and I headed back to Karen and Matt’s for a couple days before heading to the World Cup in Mont. St. Anne, Qu. The weather in New Hampshire definitely made a turn for the better and we enjoyed sunshine before driving the 5hr drive to Quebec almost directly north of us.

The WC race was Sunday so we still had a lot of time to prepare and ride the slightly altered course. Containing most of the course’s trademark sections I was quickly feeling at home. After last weekend’s blow up, this weekend I was going to try to pace better. The race got off to a good start. I had a decent call up and remained in the top 40 through the start lap, loosing a couple spots before the climb, only to regain them when it steepened. The first lap went well, but I didn’t feel the fire I had the previous week. Lap two I had a crash and then lost several spots as I skidded into a fence, my brake lever having adjusted so they were hitting the bar. I got them dialed tight again and was off to regain spots keeping pacing in mind. The pacing worked as far as feeling great at the end, but at that point I also realized I had left too much in the bag. On my fifth and final lap I brought my consistent lap times down 45secs from the previous lap and found myself wishing for another lap so I could reel in the women I had seen in front of me on the last switch back climb. Overall I felt it was a good consistent performance finishing in 24th, but not demonstrative of my true form. My friend Karen the Super mom raced really well finishing 20th with Canadian Marie Helene Premont soundly beating the almost unbeatable Gunn Rita Dahle Flesja.

Mom and Dad had come up to spend the World Cup weekend with me and as always provided great support on the course and helped me to the airport the next morning (where all 6 Co2s were removed from my bike box before they jammed the rest of my too many belongings back into my cardboard box.) 14hrs of travel later I was stepping off a plane in Jeans into the sweltering 40 degree dry heat of Kamloops BC. Keith was there to meet me after 1.5 months apart. Despite the intense heat it was sure good to be home. We immediately headed for an air-conditioned restaurant. Later we set up a mattress on the back deck trying to avoid the heat even a ground floor house collects. Keith asked me to marry him that night and I gladly accepted. So it’s official, we’re engaged!

Although back at home my life was not to slow down. The next day we drove to Vancouver for Norco night with John Henry’s Pedal and Pints Women’s night ride. It was a very impressive event. With over 250 members the majority of which are female these rides provide the biggest group mtb – let alone women’s group ride I’ve ever seen. Around 60 women showed up ready to ride. Norco was there with a fleet of Demo Fluids to try out. We broke into a couple ability and ride style groups, each with 1-3 ride leaders. I chose one of the groups riding up the mountain and then down Ned’s where as others shuttled up Seymour to do some of the longer runs. They were fun and well organized rides which I recommend to any woman looking to meet other women riders and get to know the North shore trails. Hey you even have immediate beer buddies. Unfortunately Keith had to work the next day, so at 8:30 pm we were headed back to Kamloops pulling in just before 1:00 am.

I got back to Training while Keith finished up his last days of work at the School until his summer holidays officially began.