The Perfect Long Weekend

On Friday Keith, myself and the cats piled in the car and headed over to visit his parents in Revelstoke. No longer in training mode for a bit we didn't try to squish a ride in that friday, just enjoyed some BBQ'd burgers and Mt. Begbie beer. Saturday we drove out to Keystone standard basin - about 50 km North of Revelstoke towards the Mica damn- and then another 16km up gravel roads. The drive up the gravel road was slow so we decided to bike halfway. Immediately we felt the thinner air attacking our lungs and legs. It took us about 45 minutes just to reach the trailhead, then it turned into a tricky single track climb for about 15minutes before we were unleashed into the alpine fields. You could easily think you were in the Alps "Sound of Music like". You're surrounded by lush fields with alpine wild flowers, mountain peaks and valleys below. The trail is fun too. There are a couple hike a bikes, but mostly rideable. After about 1hr15 we reached the cabin which is nested on a small lake. The cabin is available for anyone who wishes to use it. You can over night and then do a hike up to one of the peaks, camp overnight and return the next day. That'll be for next trip. The ride back to the car is almost better than the one out. The sun was shinning and the mountains were so quiet. Definitely a must ride in BC - but choose your time of year carefully so you don't run into snow. I think it was some of the best weather all summer, but i left my camera at home!

Sunday- still feeling up for a mtb epic we headed out on the Mcpherson trails. Huge sections of wind blown trees on the quarry trail caused us to reroute, but still hit the best part of the trail. On Tthe same wind had uprooted trees leaving exposed slabs of rock at 80 degree angles...I was glad to be on my Norco dually! As always the trails did not dissapoint and Keith and I biked ourselves to exhaustion. There were two fires burning opn the mountain so we biked up to a lake to watch the helicopters picking up water in quick succession. Pretty neat.

Saturday- we decided to go for a hike so it was up the 25km paved road to the top of Mount Revelstoke...It was also a bit of a reconaisance mission as there is a mass start hill climb there Sept. 23 we were toying with entering. The climb is pretty gradual, but would not doubt be killer by the end. Being a national park Mt. Revelstoke is beautifully looked after. We decided to hike out to Miller Lake. Why is it hiking always makes you feel out of shape and breathing hard no matter how fit you are? It was a really nice hike that crested and then traversed the mountain side eventually depositing us on miller lake. The water was extremely quiet and clear and again it was so quiet we found ourselves whispering so as not to disturb the mood. I can't believe we hadn't hiked up here earlier, it was so amazing. So we now have another place we could do as an over night hiking trip. We left two lakes unexplored so will have to make it back next summer.
So yes a perfect weekend of fresh air, good trails, amazing scenery and great food a la Keith's mom.