California and races to come

Hey Guys, keep an eye on Pedal magazine for race previews and updates from me.

I'm now pretty red in the face from the sun -35 degrees today, but definitely enjoying my time in California. The Santa Barbara airport looked more like a villa with baggage claim and gate entries outside.

My first night I unpacked my bike and quickly found myself by the ocean. The city is covered with bike paths. I spun through Uof C Santa Barbara and have never seen so many cruiser bikes in one place. It was awesome. The University is right on the water and pretty appealing.

I soloed that first night and spent my time catching up on sleep from a busy couple of days. I met up with Matt H and Mical D and we headed the 49 miles North to the race venue in Santa Ynez. matt and I did 2 laps of the course which was brutally windy. After one lap I new my suspension a lot better and took atleast 10 psi out of both my front and rear. The course is very open and not technical although I did blow a couple corners trying to ride into them too hot. The climbing is pretty significant and after by lap 2 I'm feeling pretty good on it.

We're staying in Buelton, about 5 miles away and have now been joined by Roddi Lega. Our Quality Inn offers Belgian waffles for continental breakfast so we hit that up today to start the day off right. We then got out to the course and we're riding at 12:30 -no heat avoidance here.

We're relaxing in the hotel now just getting ready to cook up some Salmon...should make our hotel room nicely aromatic!

Me and Mical race the Short track tomorrow at 10:45. Matt races at 11:30. Then we have the day to get out of the sun and rest up for the xc at 2:30ish Sunday.