Here are a couple pics so you can envision the course. Today was hot and sunny again with a pretty good wind. Mical and I woke up at 7:30...only 7hrs till race time!!! The waiting begins. Aftyer breakfast and reading outside for a bit so the guys could get more beauty sleep we passed the morning prepping for the race, but mostly watching tV or reading.
My legs weren't feeling too bad after yesterday's 30 min at max. I lined up beside Mical, the gun went off, a couple seconds later Mical and Katerina and a couple girls were down in a crash. My start went okay though and I was quickly top ten. I found a good wheel to follow in Jen Smith, but noticed she was slower on the climbs and corners so fitrst descent climb I got by her. I was climbing strong and able to reel in a couple girls. Sitting about 8th I followed a couple girls down the descent, but again needed to get by. At one point I was up to 5th, but Katerina came back from her crash and all the pulling I had been doing for other girls along the flats were draining me so when 3 girls tried to pass me I wasn't able to respond for long. By end of lap one I was back to 9th and could see Mical coming up behind me. She bridged up to me on a descent and we then took turns pulling. I pulled the climbs and shge the flats and we were hauling. We were seconds away from catching Luna Chix Chloe Foresman when we crossed the line in 9th for Mical and 10th for me.
I was happy with my race. It gave me confidence on my new bike -the Norco Faze -and after tasting top 5 and getting my second xc race in I think I'll be better prepared mentally and physically for next weekend. I think some smarter tactics and a better suffer face can see me in the top 5.
Travel buddies Roddi and Hadley were 13th and 15th respectively. Kabush won a sprint over JHK for 1st. Canadian's Plaxton, Toulouse and Sneddon were 4th,5th and 6th. A good weeekend for the Canucks.
I'm off tomorrow after 1 last Belgian Waffle to Redlands with Trish, Max and Mike to spend the week before Fontana. I guess it's only a 20 min drive from the venue and some nice riding so it should be good.