How many times can I say that this is one of the greatest places on earth for riding? We headed to Keith’s family home for Mother’s day. Unfortunately we got little time to spend with Sues and Grainger as a trip to Golden got them trapped on the other side of a mudslide and meant an overnight in Golden and a long detour home the Sunday. Keith and I did get in two fantastic rides of 3+ hours of single track though. Saturday my chest was sore like I had done too many push ups, just from pumping the bike through the terrain. I was a single track climbing machine and keith was having trouble loosing me on the descents, just the training I had been looking for. We also got to spend some time with Brendan and Amanda at Float Bikes. The shop was insanely busy so we decided to end the day with some Mt. Begbie Beers and a BBQ. All in all a great weekend.