Riding in Grabünden Canton and a stopover in Luzern

Making friends in Switzerland's mountains.

A nice evening in Luzern.

The view from our weekend home in Saas im Prattigau, Grabünden. The barns staggerred up the hillsides are so that farmers can move their livestock further up as the snow line recedes.

High above Klosters and midway to Davos.

It's Sunny!!! Being totally unprepared for 20 degrees after freezing our buns coming down from the 1hr climb we did yesterday we were a little over dressed for this beautiful day. Saas is the small town we stayed which you can see behind us.

Me and Sandra hanging out in Luzern on the way back from our weekend in the mtns. The covered bridge behind us crosses the Rheus River and dates back to the early 1400s. Inside along the gabled roof there are tons of original (and reconstructed aftre a fire) painted roof panels depicting scenes from Swiss history and Mythology.