Pan AM Games

On Tuesday the 10th I head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the Pan American Games. The Games are held every 4 years. I’m home for just a week, but Keith and I already have some epic rides planned in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton this weekend!

I will racing for a gold medal on the 14th. I haven’t a clue what to expect of the course or the weather. It will be winter in Brazil and the course from all accounts is pretty much flat. The US will be sending Mary McConneloug, Mexico Lorenza ? and Brazil Jacquline Mourou. On the men’s side Canada will be sending Matt Toulousse and Ricky Federau.

I’m hoping to have the opportunity to meet some past heroes from my horseback riding days at the games and to meet some top Canadian athletes in other sports. With Nationals the following Saturday, however I will have to be very focused on quality workouts and lots of recovery. Ricky, Matt and I return to BC on the 16th after a long flight and begin our Nationals preparation.