Pan Am Games

Me, Ricky and Cam arrived in Rio just before noon today with some Canadian swimmers and Badminton players. Although a 9 hr flight from Houston we all got in some good sleeps and were feeling rested....but hungry!

Pan Am games staff was there to greet us at the airports and we had our very own customs line. We were loaded into Pan am game deckled busses and shipped off to the village through the rustic and poor looking city. Although looking a bit run down, South American scenes always make me breath deeply and smile. There's something really appealling to the simpler parks and buildings, to the people patiently going about their daily routines. Upon arrival we were sent through airport like security stations and given our accreditations.

All the Canadian stay in one building with cycling getting two apartments. Showers had to wait. we wanted food! Off to the huge cafeteria we went and loaded our plates with the great selection of food. Back in the apartment after a 2:30 lunch me and Ricky had a couple good laughs trying on the 4+ Team Canada outfits of clothing we were provided with by the HBC. Ricky's were all on the large side, but I made out alright although our opening ceremony hats are of unique style.

Thursday we get to check out the course. I am really pumped to be here! Unfortunately the opening games are the night before our race so that'll be a no go, but am looking forward to the rest of the week.


Unknown said…
HI Catharine,

Here is Felipe, your brazillian friend that you met again in Switzerland. I haven't your e-mail to wish you all good luck of the world tomorrow, so I'm doing it here.

I'm watching now the opening ceremony on TV, that's so beatful,it's a pty that you can't understand the lyrics of the musics, they are saying a lot of good things and giveing a image of the Brazil and the brazillians.

So, relax today to enjoy the race tomorrow, you have all the qualities to have a good result, why not a win?? I wish all the luck of the world for you luck.

After read a report of the training days of XCO I'm sad, because this race should be better then the 2006 Pan Ams. I know, Rio just have politicians working and, cause it, will be hard to be happy with the organization :' (

Enjoy, relax and havefun at Rio!!!!

See you
take care

Unknown said…
Hei, take a note of my e-mail:

good luck
see you