Best Short Track Ever

Still reeling from my first Norba podium the day before in the xc I headed out for an AM coffee spin with Mical and Joele. Legs didn’t feel soo bad, but could definitely feel them whenever the grade turned upwards.

In my warm up my legs started to come around. The last week they just didn’t feel like they were clearing. Seems I just needed 90 minutes of race pace climbing to flush them out! Tired definitely, but I thought my legs might pull through for me on the day.

One lap of the short track course in North Carolina took about 3 minutes of which probably close to 1min was climbing…good for me. The rest of the course was a series of tight corners with some max power bursts between. I had an okay start and was able to use the climb to gain positions. On second lap the leaders were still close, but I knew to do well I still had a lot of moving up to do. At the top of the climb there was a tight corner. I buried myself to get to the corner with the group ahead of me and then cut way inside and asserted myself into a leading position by clearing at least 6 girls in that one move. From there on out it was going hard until I caught someone and then going harder to get by them and on to the next. Mary, Katerina and Georgia were off the front, followed by Willow and Heather and then Sue and Leah. I kept reeling in girls and the leaders. Finally with about 5 laps to go I caught Willow and we separated ourselves from Heather. I was putting out a good suffer face, but was riding well and Willow and I stuck together the rest of the race. The last lap was super fun with Willow continually attacking and me trying to maintain my lead. I kept my lead through at least 5 attacks by Willow and sprinted hard to the finish with Willow finishing in the same second. Yes I won a sprint!!! Katerina took the win, followed by Mary. Georgia got gapped with a couple laps to go but held onto 3rd, 8seconds in front of me.