Finally, Comfortably numb

After an only partially successful attempt at comfortably numb in July Keith and I were determined to ride the rest of the trail. What we got to ride before was so much fun we wanted to check it all out. We headed to Pemberton Friday night and camped out at a great park called Nairn Falls. After a two year abstinence from camping, Keith and I were tenting again and cooking with a camp stove. It was great! Saturday morning we got up early and after a quick Oatmeal breakfast were driving to Squamish for TT provincials. Well I raced and Keith went for an mtb ride. The race was about 38km and a fun foray back into road racing and a good way to get in a wicked flat land power interval. The race took me just under 57minutes and then I got to kickback at a BBQ with the other racers and some friends. My but was incredibly sore…there’s something about that TT position that makes sitting down within the next hour very uncomfortable. We headed back to the campsite that night and after some down time headed out for the little hike to the falls. They were pretty cool. The water was so powerful it had caused underwater passages to form between the pools of water. (pics to come)

Our friends Dave and Craig joined us the next morning to ride Comfortably numb. We started in Whistler Village and after about 10km of road riding ended up at Wedgemount where the trail head starts. From there the trail climbs switchbacks and twists over very rooty terrain for about 7km before sending you down a little descent and back up through some gnarly tricky terrain. Although the trail is definitely rugged you can get some pretty good sensations of climbing fast…especially when you’re riding with three guys. It took us about 1hr 30 of hard trail riding to reach the ½ way point. From there you’d think you start going down…and you do, but not before climbing to the highest point, descending and climbing back up. The descents were rocky, challenging and fun and all rideable and I was LOVING the Phase for all of it. We had a wicked ride with only 1 flat tire and a couple rain showers, but were all pumped on a wicked day of riding. The trail took us 2hr 45 of riding which we though was pretty good as the sign recommended 4-7hrs for completion. From there we followed some fast fun bike paths back to the village and ended the day with a fast twisty descent right to the parking lot. It was wicked.