A Warm "Homecoming"

On Monday I was back at the airport and again headed to switzerland. Sandra picked me up at the airport and had truffles waiting. Yummy! We then headed back to her aunt's and Uncle's place near Bern.

Sandra and her family are amazingly awesome. They had a bouquet of flowers and a Congrats cake waiting for my arrival. Having a Chef in the family comes in handy. Her relatives Sepp and Sonya were off to Slovenia the next morning where they are going to holiday and come cheer us on at The World Cup finals.

Sandra and I started the trek to Slovenia that evening after getting in a good workout. We made it to Freidrichshaffen that night....only to find out we weren't actually supposed to be there as it was in the wrong direction. Ahwell, only 30km off track and we found a nice place to stay. German breakfasts consisted of a meet tray, cheese tray and buns, but it was pretty good.

Travel Day two saw us through 3 countries as we passed between Germany and Austria a couple times to follow the autobahn and then down into Slovenia. We again went off course, the directions being in German, and found our selves on the highway to vienna. We passed through a ton of tunnels, one of which was 8km in length. But we made it and saw some great country side. Fresh snow dotted the mtns in Austria, but we arrived to Sunshine in maribor.

The course looks great. a lot of rooty singletrack and a nice climb off the start to separate the field. It should be good and I'm looking forward to having another go at a top 5 podium.

I'll try to get some pics from Slovenia up soon, but here's a snap shot from my hotel.