Is eating healthy enough?

For the longest time I believed that if I ate balanced, healthy meals I’d be getting everything I needed without supplements. This idea has merit and is stress free when it comes to hoping that companies list all ingredients in their products, but is eating right enough for an athlete?

After losing a significant amount of weight this year due to training demands and cutting out junk food (mostly) I sat for many months on the lower end of healthy body weight. After chipping a tooth this summer and then reading an article about osteoporosis in cyclists I started worrying about bone density. Although not considered to belong in an at risk group I was able to get a bone density scan thanks to the National team affiliated doctor. It turns out I was being a bit paranoid, but not overly. My bone density fell within the normal healthy range, but was a bit lower than expected for someone my age. So my doctor recommends more calcium (with vitamin d) for me and more weight bearing activities to keep my bones healthy long term. I’m healthy, but I did get my attention drawn to a potential danger and a lack in my diet, and knowing my body, can now do what I need to keep it healthy.

I’ve heard Canadians have the most expensive pee in the world. We tend to over supplement, but for those of us that push our bodies beyond a normal activity level you have to take care of yourself, keep electrolytes balanced during and after workouts and make sure you’re getting what you need from your diet. allows you to search products safe for athletes.