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Home owners!

So we’re all moved in. Luckily enough the upstairs of our new house was all recently renovated and good to go so within a couple days we had all our boxes unpacked. The basement is a work in progress which suits our bikes just fine. A couple coats of paint went on this weekend -actually the paint is kinda this colour- making the third bedroom much nicer and keith is slowly setting up his workshop. We were distressed to find out how much work is involved in dry walling and Keith has been ogling trucks for several days now. Once you have a house they just have so much more potential. I half expect to return from a race trip to find a puppy in the house and a Tacoma in the driveway where our Subaru usually hangs out. That expense will probably have to wait though!


Check this movie out. Super funny dialogue, fun characters and just a good watch.

Wow, where have I been?

So my lack of bloging is not because life has been dull. There’s just been lots going on. After Christmas I headed to New Brunswick for a quick trip to visit my parents. It was great to be back home and with family. I got to visit some high school friends too as well as getting together with the Hadleys for some xc skiing. Fun times all round! In the end my trip felt too short, but while away our landlords decided to sell their house within the next 1.5 months so Keith and I had some house hunting to do. We felt done with renting and moving so the appeal of buying was big. Not exactly the time of year I wanted to be moving, but there was some time pressure. Being a full time athlete came in really handy for finding a house quickly and getting all the paperwork done…not so handy in getting approved for a mortgage, but hey. The 6th house I looked at was the winner, a cute little bungalow that did not rest atop a hill. Not an easy feat in hilly Kamloops. Feb 15th was our possession da