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Phoenix here we come!

Tomorrow Zeph, Chris and I make the 5+hr trek to fountain Hills Arizona where we'll hang out till next weekends race. While I'm still reeeling from the amazing inclusion in the Luna team I thought I'd list some things about being with Luna that make you feel pro and completely spoiled!!!!!! 1. Uber fast team mates 2. Wicked support staff 3. 2 race bikes…so I don’t have to always fly with a bike! 4. Name on trailer door 5. Personalized embroidered chair for pit area. 6. Massages 7. Having your water bottles made up for you 8. More ride and casual wear than I know what to do with Does it get any better? I've been wandering around aimlessly this weekend not knowing what to do with myself with all this great support. Hadley and Sessford quickly offered me their bottles to fill though so I don't get too bored. You guys are the best!

short track...not short enough

Today's short track was a repeat of yesterday's podium with Georgia winning over Katerina, followed by Wendy. It was Wendy setting the pace early on and Georgia responding, though. I managed to start well, but screwed up in thinking I had done my job by sticking with the lead group on the start. Sitting in at the back of this group I missed the split and had to bridge my way up. I got up to 5th right behind Mical, before realizing I had a long line of girls strung out on my wheel. Thinking I shouldn't be trying to bridge them up to my teammates I eased off a bit and a bunch surged around me and left me in their dust. I rode the race in with teammates Chloe and shonny for a dissappointing 11th. Hey atleast i know my legs were feeling pretty good. After yesterday i thought they'd be totally destroyed and non functional! Emily Batty went down early in a crash. Hope you're doing alright! Mical grabbed the 4th podium spot for her best ever NMBS finish. See Dyck

Lung burn and butter

The first race of the year never fails to amaze me at how hard racing a bike is! This weekend the season kicked off for me and the luna team with the first US national series race in Fontana, California. A huge Canadian contingent showed for both the pro mens and women's fields and we definately put the pressure on the us riders. Every one is riding riduculously fast. The women's race got off to a fast start with my teammate Georgia Gould setting the pace followed closely by Katerina. My start was descent, but I got in a bit of a traffic snarl and had to dig hard when the course opened up to move into 3rd just ahead of Wendy Simms. For most of the race we stayed in that order. Georgia off the front with a gap to Katerina, another gap to me and another to Wendy who was joined every lap by a new rider who never managed to stick with her. I tried to get a gap every lap on the climbs only to be reeled in on the flat section leading to the finish. 1.5hrs in the race was stil

Riding with Luna

My new bike: Orbea's Alma Zeph and Chris our awesome mechanics hanging with Danelle Sweet. Got my name on the trailer! Luna is such an amazing team. On Monday I flew into San Francisco where I met up with Alison Dunlap, Chloe Forsman and Ironman athlete Terra Castro at the airport. Our Team manager Waldek was there to pick us up in the Clifbar truck. We then headed to our camp in Sausalito (just past the Golden Gate) to meet up with the rest of the team. ClifBar I have learned is an amazing company. Their truck runs on vegetable oil, the team is carbon neutral and all employees can bring their dogs and babies to work with them. How often are racers greeted with hugs from their team owner? The Luna team is considered part of their family, with all the warmth, excitement, support and community feel that you find in a small town. After many, many photo shoots at the camp, one even involving a remote control helicopter, many team dinners and a couple rides we went to visit ClifBar.

Praise dirt!

Today was the first day of good trail riding in Kamloops and EVERYONE was out. We all had giddy grins on our faces, like kids that have just spilled their pillow case of Halloween candy onto the floor to have upcoming splendours revealed to them. We soaked up the sun in equal parts with the mud and it was great. Yeah sunny rides! Having pretty much exhausted our repertoire of early season road ride loops in the Kamloops area, Keith and I decided to head to Sorrento for our Saturday ride. We explored the back roads between Sorrento and Tappen and found our way onto Sunnybrae road. It was an amazing ride which took us along a quiet, rolling winding road skirting Shuswap Lake. Looking across the lake we could see first Salmon arm and then Sicamous. The return ride reminded us it is still winter with a short hail storm, but anytime I can stay warm for 4.5 hrs March 1st is fine by me.