short track...not short enough

Today's short track was a repeat of yesterday's podium with Georgia winning over Katerina, followed by Wendy. It was Wendy setting the pace early on and Georgia responding, though. I managed to start well, but screwed up in thinking I had done my job by sticking with the lead group on the start. Sitting in at the back of this group I missed the split and had to bridge my way up. I got up to 5th right behind Mical, before realizing I had a long line of girls strung out on my wheel. Thinking I shouldn't be trying to bridge them up to my teammates I eased off a bit and a bunch surged around me and left me in their dust. I rode the race in with teammates Chloe and shonny for a dissappointing 11th. Hey atleast i know my legs were feeling pretty good. After yesterday i thought they'd be totally destroyed and non functional!

Emily Batty went down early in a crash. Hope you're doing alright!
Mical grabbed the 4th podium spot for her best ever NMBS finish. See Dyck Ride. Ride Dyck Ride