Ahhh, that was better. World Cup #2

After working myself over rather nicely at Houffalize I decided to try being a little smarter and conservative this weekend. I love the course in Germany with lots of time in the woods and was excited to race it.

The start was okay, but I let myself get squeezed out a couple times and ended up in the 20’s before fighting my way back up. Going into lap one though I was still within sight of the leaders. I got up to Sabine’s wheel and after being blocked by her a couple times trying to get by I figured there were worse wheels to be stuck behind. Sabine, Lene and I caught up to Georgia and the 4 of us were in a group together for about 3 laps. I felt comfortable on their wheels, but momentary inattention combined with Ren joining us allowed the other two to get away from me. Lap 4 I decided it was time to step it up and Lene and I would yo yo back and forth with the gap widening and closing. It felt great to be able to step it up the last quarter of the race and also made things more exciting.

I hung on to 8th till the finish and earned my spot on the Worlds team as well as my 2nd “top 2 Canadian finish” for Olympic selection. Still lots of important racing to go, but I like the trend.

Luna also claimed the #1 Team position again and were again given massive amounts of beer. Sorry hon, the can is too big to bring back through Immigration!!!!

So now it’s a nice Italian dinner and 2 days to relax in Germany before we fly to Madrid on Wednesday.