Pictures from Offenburg

Waldek -the man behind the women- on the balcony of our hotel in Offenburg.

It was full on spring in Offenburg. The course is surrounded by blooming fruit orchards and vineyards. There were thousands of Spectators out enjoying the sun and racing Sunday, creating an awesome atmosphere. Many fans rode cruiser bikes there so the orchards were makehift bike parking.

Canadian Gals!

I've been horrible at taking pictures so am borrowing Rob's. For more pictures and race stories check out

Georgia and I riding together mid race. We had wicked weather leading up to the race making the course mostly dry and fast. Yeah Sunshine!

Luna takes the team title again with my 8th, Georgia's 13th and Katerina's 26th. Yes those are 5L cans of Beer.

Today Zeph and Waldek started the drive to Spain. They are awesome and definitely a huge part of the Luna Team's success. The gals get to fly in so we headed to Frankfurt today and fly to Madrid tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations! I'm so proud of you, you're having such a great season and the Olympics are in your reach! No pressure though... I'm cheering hard for you.

(ankle-breaking girl from swan river)