Whew. today was fast and hard. No time for settling in. With irina missing today my 11th start position landed me on the front row next to Marie Helene. The race started on a long flat before sending us up a series of steep pitches. i initially lost a bunch of positions and har to work hard for 2 laps to get up to the 3rd chase group. i spent most of the race with Swiss Rider Petra henzi and NMathalie Schneider. We eventually brideged up to Ying Lui and my teammate Katerina. I could see Georgia for a lot of the race, but was never able to make contact.

I felt pretty good all race, but wasn´t able to get a gap on the climbs. Last lap was hard with the group of 4 i was riding with vying for position. Lene Byberg was coming up fast from behind and caught me with less than 10 minutes to go. Less than a minute separated 6th to 12th place showing how competitive and fast the race was. I happy with my race. all the lunas managed top 10 finishes with georgia in 5th, me 9th and Katerina a close 10th. this should earn us the team title again and probably more beer!

tonight the canaadians are going out for some spanish food. then it is bike packing and flying home tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you Keith!