Yeah for hilly short tracks at Altitude!

Wow, was I worked over. Heat, altitude, time changes and tons of travel all caught up to me Saturday night. Not to mention a whole lot of lung butter from the race! There’s a reason teams travel with a massage therapist. With our crazy schedules we’d all be riding like poo otherwise.

In the morning we did a coffee spin into park city and Java cow where we bumped into Dallas and Mical for Cappuccinos. We then headed out for team breakfast where we filled up on pancakes and omelettes. Yummy. Man life is rough!

The short track was at 1:15 and I was having a little trouble convincing myself I wanted to do it. I was thinking about those people you see yelling to get themselves pumped up and was thinking that I might need to do that today. After a couple warm up efforts though, the legs were feeling better. Today, if I didn’t win the start I owed Waldek a pound of coffee beans. I got wine if I won…but didn’t. True to tradition I fell back to about 10th. I could see Georgia and Katerina way up at the front and thought the podium was out of reach. Also true to tradition I just kept hammering and luckily there were some good climbs on this course. Within a couple laps I was with Georgia and Katerina at the front. Finally at the front of a short track! I sat in for a lap and a bit, but know that I loose races if I have to respond to other people’s efforts, so as much as I like my team mates I had to use my strengths and set sail on the next climb. Katerina was not to be shed and we rode the rest of the race together until 3 laps to go. I was pulling happily- that way I dictate the pace. I waved her through with 3 laps to go and got dropped pretty much immediately. Doht! Katerina took the win and I held on to 2nd, my best short track ever. Georgia was third, followed by Heather Irmiger and Kathy Sherwin. Our team mate Chloe had her best race weekend yet finishing 8th in both the xc and short track. Right on!