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Nationals..5.5 seconds from the Jersey!

I think that was the most exciting race I've ever done. Although off to an uncertain start, it turned into a ferocious side by side battle. From The gun I grabbed 3rd wheel. Marie was off incredibly fast and I was struggling on Jean ann's wheel wondering why other girls like wendy, Mical and Sandra weren't over taking me. Every one was starting smart and I guess figured my slower start good work to their benefit! By the climb I found my groove and focused on closing the gap to Marie. By the second climb I had reeled in some good distance and closed it on the switch back climb. After the next woods section I attacked and passed her into the descent. From there till mid 4th lap I lead the race. I knew Marie was having some sort of trouble as I gained 20secs on her after the tech zone where I presumed she stopped. Many thoughts were going through my head. Am i super gap was now up to 1 min, is she trying to give me the jersey, is she pacing to come ba

Back to canada

Keith and I left New York monday morning and headed for Montreal. It was a good drive through lots of great rolling hills. We stopped for a bit of a bushwacking ride in the adarondacs before heading on to montreal...where I think they are rebuilding every road overpass. In Montreal we spent the night with my friend Heather and her roomies near mount royal. We checked out some fresh bagels being made and got some for tuesday breakfast and then headed out for Mexican food and 400 centenial beer. Before heading on to MSA we had our Bagel breakfast and did a ride on Mount Royal wher we passed moms doing uphill aerobics with their baby carriages. Yeah that's right

I think I like short tracks now

Like Criteriums, short track races used to inspire intense feelings of dread and anguish. I just hurt the whole time to suck at the race. 3 years later they are starting to be a lo9t of fun. Although ST mornings I usually wake up wondering how I will ever manage to go that hard in a couple hours an early morning spin and then a good warm up has me ready to go at race time. The short track race in Windham was the best one yet for the men and women. It was a good course for short track. 2 short popper climbs, a descent and some flat stretches so places to attack, recover, attack. Georgia and Katerina got away early...and I had my best race start ever! I was in a chace group made of largely of Canadains (Wendy, Mical, Emily and Heather Irmiger and Sue Buttler). The race was interesting for me. I had 2 team mates up the road so I either had to sit in or get a clean attack away from the group with out dragging other girls up. Georgia was looking vulnerable ahead so brining the chas


Thursday I flew into Albany from Kamloops as Keith was driving up from New Brunswick. Eastern US and Canada is beautiful with tons of lush green deciduous trees and rolling hills. The course here is fun. It has a long climb that winds in and out of the woods over lots of slate rock and then descends down a fast twisty trail. The women only had to race 3 laps which was actually kinda nice as it meant a sub 1hr30 race. From the gun Georgia took the lead and I was able to grab 3rd wheel behind Lea Davison. By the top of the climb I had closed on Georgia and grabbed the lead. It was short lived however as she passed me back on the descent when I went wide on a corner. Georgia opened on me and I opened on Katerina. From there on out the race for the podium stayed the same. We were all riding similar to each other, one of us gaining 5 seconds in one section only to loose 5 seconds to that person in another section. We’ve got short track tomorrow, then Monday we are driving to Quebec. Amand

Meet Olly

So I return home from Europe late on the 23. As I set my bags down just inside the front door I notice a picture of a kitten. Me: Keith, why do we have a picture of a kitten? K: Because we’re getting one Friday M: Haha. No we’re not K: Ummm, yeah we are. My coworker had kittens M: Your going to become a crazy cat man (he’s already adopted 2 from the school) K: But I need them. You’re away too much So what can I say to that? Olly is now part of the family, attacking legs and any other moving object and quickly establishing himself in the household with the other cats. He was the runt of his litter but was attacking our huge cat Isaa by day one.

Congrats to Keith and his athletes

Matt, Daniel, Jean ann and Craig Keith and his athletes have just completed a very successful Canada Cup campaign. Jean Ann Mckirdy claimed the win in the women’s series, while Matt Hadley, Craig Ritchey and Daniel Sessford all claimed top 10’s in 4th, 7th and 9th respectively. Look out for these riders to put out strong performances at Canadian Nationals July 19th in Mont Saint Anne, Quebec.