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Oakley Safe House

Oakley (Steve Blick and Greg Welch in particular) was amazing to me and my family. Blick hooked me up with some new enduring fog resistant glasses for race day and was in the feedzone in case we needed eyewear changes during the race. When I went to visit the safehouse Greg got us all some amazing cappuchinos and glasses for everyone. Good coffee is hard to come by in China. I was doing okay in the village, but my family was reliant on KFC for the best coffee in town. Yikes! Very styling guys! After coffee we headed upstairs for the beach party and Lunch. I got my post race beer...decided having beer race night before I tried to give a live interview in French wasn't a good idea. Geoff & Seamus and their familes showed up and we got to spend a couple hours hanging out together enjoying being at the Olympics and having finished racing. That cool guy camoflouged into the back ground is Steve Blick.

The village

Team Canada's Building The Gardens Gardens were put in between the residences. The residences will become luxury apartments after the para Olympic end in September. Even the Rocks played music!

Olympic venues

The water cube where many world and Olympic records were set. Unfortuantely I never got to go inside. The bird's nest. site of the opening and closing ceremonies and athletics Inside the Bird's nest during the men's marathon. The winner ran 42 km with an average of 21km/hr breaking the Olympic record and being 2 minutes from the world record. Keith got to go up the commentator's tower with me for my radio Canada interview. The view was amazing.

The Olympic mtb course

The final descent into the finish Switch back climbed near end of loop followed by the descent below which cracked more than a few bones. If you watched the race coverage you saw Rosara Joseph do a spectacular endo here. I did the same thing 5 days earlier. It was super steep with a bit of a drop midway where being a little to fast or far forward sent you flying superman style.

Friends and Family in China

Dusty (Georgia's husband) sporting his homemade "Go For Gould" T shirt and Luna Team manager and all round Good guy, Waldek Mom, Dad and Keith inside the Bird's nest Stadium Keith and I at the men's mtb race. That's the velodrome behind us. The BMX track was on the other side of small Laoshan mtn. Coach Extraordinaire, Cycling Olympic Team manager, Birthday boy and newly married Dan Proulx