Oakley Safe House

Oakley (Steve Blick and Greg Welch in particular) was amazing to me and my family. Blick hooked me up with some new enduring fog resistant glasses for race day and was in the feedzone in case we needed eyewear changes during the race.
When I went to visit the safehouse Greg got us all some amazing cappuchinos and glasses for everyone. Good coffee is hard to come by in China. I was doing okay in the village, but my family was reliant on KFC for the best coffee in town. Yikes!
Very styling guys!
After coffee we headed upstairs for the beach party and Lunch. I got my post race beer...decided having beer race night before I tried to give a live interview in French wasn't a good idea. Geoff & Seamus and their familes showed up and we got to spend a couple hours hanging out together enjoying being at the Olympics and having finished racing. That cool guy camoflouged into the back ground is Steve Blick.


Congrats on 2nd overall in the World Cup this year Catherine. An awesome year! Good job!