Feels like a real summer!

I have to say I am loving June. It's my month at home...well mostly. Atleast I'm home during the week. Last weekend I "raced the ranch" and earned my self a sweet belt buckle and some prize money to give the volunteers for their well desrved beer fund. I helped flag the course for 3 hrs on thursday, but atleast 4 others had already put in 3hr before I got there and they were back the next 2 days at least working to get everything ready. So a huge thanks to Henry, Alison,Bruce and Craig among others.

It was fun to be able to ride my local trails as a race warm up as the 2 minute ride to the course would not have done much! The weather was pretty cooperative with a nice breeze and it was fun to be racing alongside Kamloops firends and have an awesome cheering section out there. I raced my dually for the first time and was super happy as I pushed over the bumpy plateaus and into the undulating twisty singletrack. The course got so dusty that when I slid out on a corner i had to wait for the dust to settle to be able to find my bike!

I'm now on my way to Colorado for a short track race Friday afternoon and xc Saturday.

Aside from the bikeness the month has so far been full of picnics, BBQing and home projects. The best part is I get to do a bunch of camping this month too with the BCBR and test of Metal.