Bromont World cup: How Expectations Change

I’ve come off a couple of fantastic weekends of racing. Races where i just seem to be able to get to the front when I need to and stay there. Yesterday’s World cup in Bromont Canada was a little different. I got off to a good start and was at the front of the race by the top of the climb. I knew I wanted to be ahead of fullana into the woods but didn’t pull it off and was stuck behind her hearing all the girls we had just climbed away from riding back onto our wheels.

The day started off dry, but the woods were still slick. It seemed that every time I earned myself a little advantage I would loose it by slipping off a slick root, rock or climb. It went like this for 2 laps and seemed to be a battle for the lead between Irina and myself until on the climb 3rd lap Lene Byberg of Norway bridged up and moved to the front.

Having made my moves to gain the lead in the first 2 laps I was having trouble staying with the girls in the 3rd lap. I lost my head a bit and started riding internally…not a good thing. I went into the race confident that I would be fighting for the win and now it seemed I would be left behind. I didn’t feel smooth in the woods and lost focus.

My brother being course side cheering reminded me of a lesson I learned years back fighting for the canada Cup overall title. It was about expectations and how they change. Where riding in3rd should have been a thrill I was dissappointed. I needed to get my head out of my ***. With that memory triggered I made the decision to ride for my best result on the day. Waldek gave me splits and the advice to keep my head up (not in my ***). I started riding better again and held off the two women quickly charging up behind me to maintain the last podium position.

All in all in was a good day for Luna with my 3rd, Georgia’s 8th, Katerina’s 9th and Chloe scoring her best ever World cup result with an a 24th overall and 5th under 23. This put luna securely into the top team position. I’m now ranked 5th overall in the World cup with only a few points separating the top 6. The last two world cups should be interesting as whoever rides well there will earn a top 5 overall.

Up next are the two US cups in Vermont and New York.


kate said…
Good work, happy you got your head back where it should be, third in world cup is very very well done! You are still number 1 in most of our minds over here! Nice to see Norway up there too though, without Gunn in the spotlight :)
It will be a race to the finish with two more to go! Good luck :)