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Getting a cold

Getting a cold is never fun and always kind of shocks me as I rarely get sick. Maybe the 4am wake up for a 6am flight after a training camp is the culprit, or maybe I'm just a bit worn down from all the Olympic excitement. Either way head hurts, muscles ache and skin is super sensitive. If I had to choose a time to get sick though, a week that offers total TV indulgence with hours of Olympic coverage is a pretty good time. You can spend a day on the couch and enjoy it guilt free. I kinda wonder if it allows my body to recuperate though as my heartrate and metabolism are probably firing like they would during a work out!

Tucson Training

About 12 miles up Mt Lemmon I got back last Sunday from a great 10 days in Tucson Arizona with the Canadian Mtb and road team. Of course I had heard of Tucson, but never actually been there. We travelled with 2 bikes (road and mtn) which seemed like a hassle in the beginning, but was well worth it. The road riding was pretty good, but it was the mtb rides that really made the trip a blast. Combining the road and mtb crew was great. Aside from Games events and maybe some cross the two disciplines don't overlap in the race season so we finally got to put faces to names and just hang out with everyone at the pool post ride without worrying about a competition the next day. It was a great team and tan building trip that helped us get in some miles and dirt riding mid winter. Favourite rides (Big thanks to TJ and Chloe for taking us out on great loops) Dirt: Reddington road to 12 miles across Bellota and down Milagrosa (through cacti forest and over some pretty rocky gnarly te