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Race report: No Racing

Since Wednesday my wardrobe has altered between double hoody and vest and tank top and pajama pants rolled up to the knee and an icepack held against my skin as I altered between between feverish heat and chills. At some point Friday night I sweated out every last drop of water, kicking the fever and feeling 100% better, well almost. Friday I decided my trip to race in Fontana just wasn't realistic and reorganized my travel to Sunday when I hoped I'd be through the worst and still be able to make team camp. Sunday I woke up early enough to get in a light spin before heading to the airport and eventually San Fransisco. Riding felt great and Keith was super acting as my super domestique shielding me from the ever revolving wind. I excited to be back on my bike and looking forward to the seeing the team again. Yeah.

Island Cup huddle

Tom, Dan, Craig, Keith and I huddle together for warmth after the race. Silly Spandex just isn't that warm for standing around. Keith's athletes claimed the podium with Craig taking first followed by Dan and Tom. Keith rode a solid race staving off the desire to hurl from a first race effort finishing mid-field. On the women's side I edged out Mical who kept the pace high early on and Mel took third. The three of us actually got mixed in with the boys so early that they missed all 3 of us for the beer prime. Ah well next time!

Part 2

Part 2 of our journey began with rain, rain and more driving rain. We hit the trails in Oakridge only to slowly slog our way over soft spongy trails. The next day...when it was still raining and Keith was getting a sinus infection we decided to bail on riding in the rain in favour of driving in the rain. We passed through some torrential storms, but by the time we hit Seattle it was clear and sunny. We over-nighted in White Rock and while Keith headed to a medical clinic to get antibiotics I headed out for a road ride in dry weather! Then it was onto the Ferry and over to Victoria to visit Geoff, deep in the throes of renovating the Bike shop they hope to open this weekend. Geoff and 3 other friends are opening Oak Bay Bikes West Shore in Langford and it's going to be the best shop on the island so go buy a bike from them. Please note also how spot free the floor is that I scrubbed clean. Dan struts his stuff Chris and Jammer discuss cabinets What will soon be a fine lo

Road trip

Keith is on Spring break, so we have hit the road for a road trip. Neither of us have spent any time in Oregon so we decided to check it out with a pit stop in Penticton on the way to visit some friends and enjoy the ever fantastic road riding there. Our route to Oregon took us through Dry Falls and along the Columbia River Gorge, a super scenic and diverse area with huge gorges formed by the river and neat rock projections created by lava flows. We would have been itching to ride on our rest day had it not been for the killer head wind...which we later realized was bringing a cold front to Oregon. We had some awesome mexican food and coffee in Goldendale before getting to enjoy th ePost Canyon trails in Hood River on our way to visit friends Matt and Karen and their little guys Ava and Miles. Buy this point, it is not just raining, but driving rain. But Corvallis is very bike friendly with bike lanes everywhere and we got a rain free pocket to get out for a great ride. We cou