Changing Seasons

November was an interesting month. It began with above normal temperatures and sunshine, making cross nationals much more enjoyable racing than expected, upon arriving home though it was quickly double, double season.  No not a Tim Horton's coffee with 2 cream, 2 sugar, I'll stick to my double Americano thanks, but rather double sock, double bootie and hot shots to keep the toes warm in sub zero temperatures.  Luckily, this did not last long and the following week, snow arrived and I was getting in lots of ski miles.

Oddly enough after a super consistent season, one where people asked if it was my best yet I felt dissatisfied with it.  I didn't feel like I was as good an athlete last year as I had been in the past.  I felt like I put out some great races, benefitted from experience and years of hard work, but that I was capable of more. So as I train for next year I feel focused and committed in that way that feels so good, that strengthens you because you know you're doing the ground work to win when it matters most.