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My Big Bro got married

We celebrated the fantastic outdoor wedding of my brother Geoff and his love Liz Johnson in Fredericton, New Brunswick last Friday. Here are a couple pictures from the day. Eric Goss, Me, Kirk MacDonald, Geoff and Dad with the old Sunbeam Alpine It was so nice to spend some time with friends and family in NB.  I really have to get back more. On Tuesday after some nice NB riding Keith and I drove to MSA, Quebec for the world cup.  On our way we totally lucked out with a stop in Edmunston where within 15 minutes we found an amazing and well mapped trail network that totally energized us for the rest of the trip.  The espresso and ice cream may also have helped.  Great work on the trails Edmunston crew.  We’ll be back!

Test of Metal

Once again the Test of Metal was a great event, bringing over 800 riders from the north west together for some good riding, racing and of course a little suffering and good eating. This year I decided to race my dually, the Orbea Oiz and tricked it out with some light carbon wheels.  I had been feeling sharp on it and find it just helps me maintain speed over rough terrain a bit better.  I also decided taking 5 minutes off my last record would be a sweet goal. Time to really race the boys, no getting complacent by leading my category. The Blow by Blow This year was my 7th Test and I could definitely use the experience of years past to  pace or pin it depending on what seems necessary.  On the opening climb I hang in on the tail end of the main group and then try to pin it to maintain a wheel on the rolling fire roads where guys usually swarm around and pass me that I could out-climb. Into the first single track it’s about maintaining a steady tempo.  I had managed to stick with R

June at home

Wow how have I managed to get 2 consecutive June's mostly at home?   Kamloops is wonderfully green with the rain we've been getting and I have discovered that Dill is a gardening menace! The Art walk is now on and Susan Helly a mountain bike enthusiast created this fantastic piece (sponsor correct no less with Mavic rims and Maxxis tires!) Taking advantage of being at "home" I haven't actually spent a weekend here.  I get in my Kamloops time and miles in the week and find new playgrounds on the weekend hitting up some of my favourite trails in Revelstoke and even doing a twoonie race and then heading to the coast this weekend and doing my first road race in i think 5 years?  It was pretty fun and left me wanting to try one of the bigger North West races. Next up is the Test of Metal, a classic mtb race in BC with a 1000 mass start.  Kamloops is also hosting a 6hr enduro this year and already has 85 participants so I see another classic in the works.

JumpShip Contest. Go watch it!

Anyone with the chance to get to Victoria this weekend has to check out JumpShip contest.  My brother Geoff has organized this dirt jump comp on a floating barge in the inner harbour as part of Victoria's 5 week cycling festival. Not only do you get to see some of the best dirt jumpers doing their tricks, but doing it while out on the ocean!  There will be 16 Dj's creating a party atmosphere and beer gardens stocked with local brew from Vancouver Islander. Like Hockey?  Checkout game 5 for free on the big screen while enjoying the downtown Victoria vibe and then come back saturday for JumpShip qualifying and Sunday for the finals!  Check out the complete schedule of events here