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40 days, 4 big races, 4 big wins and Rainbow stripes

I couldn't be happier with the way this race season has finished. World Champion. I will have to repeat that to myself many times and keep staring at my jersey and medal to make it feel real. This season I have matured as a racer. Having a competitor as strong and consistent in performance as Julie Bresset forced me to look at what I could change in my racing to come out on top. How do you win against an equal? In the past I have had so many races where I felt I was the stronger rider, but somehow missed out on the podium or lost the battle for position at the end of a race. The continual progression of my training from year to year and some insights into racing more efficiently have left me feeling more confidence in my endurance and power and in my ability to race with diffent tactics. That I don't necessarily have to solo away to win a race. I can be patient and wait for the right moment. That is what happened yesterday at the World Championships in Champery, Switzerl