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The Best of BC

Sometimes you can feel pretty spoiled by BC.  One day I am skate skiing in beautiful snow, the next road riding in the sunshine on dry roads.  One week at ski camp in the interior the next riding the awesomely fun trails in Victoria with my friends.  True it is not always like this.  Typically about 2 months of my winter involve no outdoor biking, but hey I love skiing so no big deal.  It's always a good wake up call on how good life is when my day's dilema is deciding whether to ride from my house in the cold or drive 30 minutes for a ski. My winter steed on the Ferry to Victoria for a training camp My family has now come out for christmas leaving -19 deg celcius in New Brunswick this morning to step off the plane to 2 degrees here in Kamloops... okay not balmy, but it is winter!  We're looking forward to a holiday week with lots of hikes, bikes, skis, snowshoes, good food, family time and some presies!