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Organized Chaos:Houffalize to London to Sea Otter

Life has definitely felt like a bit of a whirlwind the last few days   It always does in the spring.   Travel seems it’s most intensive and nerves are high with the excitement of a new season and the uncertainty of winter’s form translating into racing results. Since Houffalize the women of Luna and Canada have been busy.   Our race finished by 1pm on Sunday and by 4 we were en route to Brussels to catch a flight to London.   This was made more chaotic by the fact that I did not finish with podium, press conference and anti-doping until 3 and then had to drive back to our place to shower and eat.   Being spoiled however, I have an awesome support team that had a hot waffle for me post-podium (thanks Waldek, you think of everything!) and the option of flying without a bike as they drove my bike to London so I could go with just a carry-on.   There was no time for a recovery spin, celebrations or phone calls home.   Quick texts and a recovery regiment of sitting in cars a

Olympic trivia

Today, April 18 th marks 100 days till the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics.   Here and some interesting Olympic facts gleaned from “The London Evening Standard” The Olympic rings represent 5 continents.   Every nation’s flag contains one of the colours of the rings. Since 2008 I have raced on all 5 Olympic ring continents Africa, Asia, Australia, Pan America and Europe.   I guess Antarctica is not included… but I’m okay with that! During the depression the shooting events were timed with the start of track events in order to save on bullets! Poodle clipping was part of the 1900 games in Paris.   There will be almost 15 000 athletes competing in London Only 5 people have medalled in both summer and winter Olympics.   Canada’s Clara Hughes is one of them. The doors to the Basketball stadium were made extra large! Anyone caught streaking during the games will receive a hefty 20 000 pound fine Gold medals are made of gold plated silver

Houffalize; A Classic in World Cup mtn bike racing

In 1992 Canadian mtn bike legend Alison Sydor won the Houffalize World Cup. One of many times in her storied career that she would set the bar high for Canadian women. 20 years later, that same honour was being presented to me. A unique podium gift. Can't say I've ever won meat before. Ham of Ardennes anyone? (all photos by Rob Jones: Houffalize has always been a special event. Before I ever raced there myself I had watched the documentary “Off Road To Athens” and wondered what it would be like to race such an historic classic. Not only was it known for it’s steep descents and steep cobbled climbs that raced you through the small Belgian town of 5000 people, but it was known for it’s huge spectator turn-out, fresh course-side waffles and La chouffe beer. Hot waffles and beer always make for enthusiastic spectators.  Houffalize was the first World Cup I raced as part of the Luna Team, earning myself the nick name “John Deere” as I surprised my