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World Cup: Mont Sainte Anne

Phew, what a week and weekend.   Lots of hype and attention following the Olympic team announcement and receiving a new prototype Orbea bike and Fox dual suspension electronic system 2 days prior to the race had me feeling a little tuckered, but also energized and excited, if those two states can co-exist! Zak thank you so much for getting my bike together so fast with me pestering you all the time!   The guys behind the #1 Team! Chris, Waldek, Zak I love being in MSA with my friends, family, great trails and lots of creeks for river dips.  Every year I return I’m blown away by the support from the organizers and locals.  It’s one of those places that makes you feel good about what you do, that you have the potential to inspire kids to ride bikes and make Canadians proud.  Many people remember seeing me develop racing Canada Cups here in 2004-2006. Like every year, Patrice Gagnon had found new ways to change the course to keep things interesting and challenging. 

It's Official

I am so excited to be heading to the London Olympics with a stellar team including Coach Dan Proulx and athletes Emily Batty, Geoff Kabush and Max Plaxton. Thanks for the photo John Gibson!


It is finally starting to feel like summer…well out east at least.   After a couple gray, drizzly, but nonetheless wonderful weeks at home I am back on the road, but in my second home, Eastern Canada. Mtb nationals revisited the fantastic trails of Saint Felicien Quebec and I had our team mechanic Zak to pick me up in Quebec city and keep me entertained on the drive to saint felicien.  Zak acquired a taste for our Timbits and trails.   Nationals went really well, claiming my 4 th   consecutive national title, but definitely being kept sharp by Marie-Helene Premont and Emily Batty who finished 2 nd   and 3 rd .  It was an awesome weekend of reconnecting with friends I don’t get to see enough on the World cup circuit, visiting with family and riding bikes fast.  The weekend culminated with the team relay and then a big group mtb ride and river dip.  You couldn’t really ask for a more relaxed, fun environment .