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An Interesting Month

It has been an interesting month. There was so much excitement, focus, fears and dreams leading into the Olympics. It had been a great season so far. I knew I was strong, but wasn’t feeling like the rider I was at the end of last year. The Olympics came and my worries were confirmed, I wasn’t where I wanted to be, my best. That being said I was still a top ten rider, possibly a top 5 rider, but the weight of my shock and disappointment drug me down despite my efforts to fight against it. I had only planned for success and not being successful made the Olympics feel like a bad break up. I had put so much time, energy and emotion into that one event, it didn’t go well and now it was gone and those Olympics would never be back. I felt the loss, it was heartbreaking, but like all hearts they just need some time to heal and I am healing because I know I am more than a bike race and things could definitely be A LOT worse than only finishing top ten at the Olympics! Happiness  http://www.t