Fine tuning

This year I have made it a mission to get my wet riding skills back. I used to thrive in the mud and wet, but that was closer to my east coast and Victoria, BC days.  You see now I live in Kamloops where most of the riding looks like this
It is fun and fast, but there aren't many rocks and roots and one season I counted that I only rode wet mtb trails 10x...not enough to keep a mastery of slick riding excellence.  
So what does that mean for my training and prep?  Well living in BC it means just a couple more trips to the coast or Revelstoke.  Yeah, life is rough.  So this year I've spent a lot more weekends booting back and forth to the coast checking out amazing trails in Victoria, Squamish, Abbotsford and Port Moody.  The trips have been well worth the driving.  Lots of trail awesomeness and frequent exposure to gnarly trails have me feeling sharp and excited about mountain biking and going fast.  No more granny panties.

You just don't find these tricky root climb sections in the loops or rocks