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Breaking Bad… not just a tv show but a truism

Sometimes you approach a jump with too much zest and enthusiasm and speed works against you.  You make a last minute adjustment and end up landing on your head and then shoulder and the next thing you know that little clavicle bone has broken. At 32 I have had my first broken bone and real racing set back.   I guess so many years of smooth flowing paths allows you to accept the fact that occasionally you’ll hit a rough patch. So as I cancel my flight to the Canada Cup, Nationals and World cup in Andorra, yes I am bummed out.   I covet the national title and this year would have seen as epic battle for the top step with Emily Batty and our other strong Canadian racers.  It would have been the challenging, engaging race that makes me love my sport so much and makes me desire to find the best in myself… But that particular epic will have to wait for next season and I am motivated about the rainbow lining that could come from stepping back mid-season and focusing on being he