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Phew, it's been a while and lots of great things have happened Way back when, in the fall I got to indulge in some great cross racing taking my first trip to Iowa for Jingle Cross.  It was really inspiring to see such a strong domestic race scene and to meet a whole slew of crazy fun people. Next up was the homecoming of our "camperized" sprinter van.  This of course necessitated some riding/camping trips, one of which was some parking lot front row camping for cross nationals.  If anything was going to test the functionality of the van it would be doing 2 days of racing in the pouring rain out of it .... and it was awesome!  Slept like a baby and enjoyed the heated hang out during the day.  Of course I don't have any good photos.  Racing was fantastic.  The Canadian Nationals course was tough; lots of off-camber mud, sand pits and drag racing.  Reigning champ Mical Dyck and former Champ Wendy Simms kept me pinned all weekend to pull off two victories. Havi