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I was pretty excited to be heading to South Africa and Australia for the first World cups.  I was riding well physically and technically and importantly, I was having fun racing and training. I was in a good spot. I looked forward to the challenge of lining up against all of the World’s best. So you can understand my frustration when I hit the dirt and got up with the familiar burning and “wrong” feeling of a broken clavicle.   It was one of those crashes that shouldn’t have happened.   I was riding a jump I had done several times that week, but with confidence sometimes comes lack of judgment as well.   I wasn’t feeling up to that trail at that moment, but chalked it up to being silly.   It was fine.   There’s this thing though where hesitation and jumps don’t mix.   I still went for the jump line was too tense came down nose first and went over.   Boom.   No hopping on that flight the next morning.   It’s amazing how two clavicle break experiences can be totally different.