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After a successful World cup campaign, I was back home but still itching for some racing.   Fortunately BC delivered.   After a down week to recharge, my husband Keith and I hit up the local Wednesday night toonie series in Revelstoke doing as many laps as we could in 1.5hrs.   Revelstoke trails are so good I could ride them all day so the only problem was the fading light and the fact we still had a 2.5hr drive home for keith to work the next day.   More impressive than the trails even are the amount of women Revelstoke has gotten into racing!   When is the last time you have seen a 50/50 guy/girl ratio? On Friday we were off again in our camperized Sprinter van, this time to Squamish BC for the infamous Test of Metal.   The next morning we joined over 800 riders on the start line for 60 km of climbing and singletrack. The day winds up with a post race BBQ and awards where everyone swaps race stories.   Test is one of those great examples of how mtn biking is a lifelong sport.  
After feeling amazing in Czech, riding my way through the field, I was looking forward to the World Cup in Albstadt, Germany and hoping to be able to give last week’s winner, France’s Pauline Ferrand Prevot a bit of a challenge for the win.   However, s he is currently riding in a league of her own and handily rode off the front once again. This weekend I was able to navigate my way to the front a bit more quickly than last week, but not quickly enough.   Pauline and Gunn-rita had already distanced themselves from the field.   In the early laps I thought I might be able to bridge up to Gunn-Rita but found myself in a bit of a cat and mouse situation.   I had the legs to maintain laps with her but not to escape my group and close the 20 second gap. A chase group was formed between Jolanda, Maja, Adelheid, Tanja and myself.   I say chase, but don’t really feel we chased, rather we raced each other for 3 rd .   A little disappointing of a situation, but one you find yourself in w