The sweetness of desire, relief, pride, exhaustion; It’s hard to put into words just what it felt like to Win the Mountain Bike World Championships on Saturday in Hafjell, Norway.

I often get asked what race victory is sweetest and I think I now have a clear answer, Worlds 2014.  Every victory, be it your first World cup top-20 or a win at any level is sweet, the reward & validation of your efforts; but this win was 2 years in the making.  After a heartbreaking ride in London, It was a 2-year process for me to return to the rider I am capable of being.

In the beginning of my career, winning was easier. Not because the competition was weaker, but because I didn’t know better.  I didn’t have to get results, I just had to do my best and I always wanted to give my best. I loved it. It was fun. I raced with desire, confidence & belief.

Sometimes the key ingredient of success is the thing we do unconsciously.  Loving doing something so much that it does not feel like sacrifice or work, it is life, the life we choose.

With success comes the expectation of success and with that somehow we warp our minds into thinking that Success is a stress, a weight on our shoulders, something that requires more seriousness.  We can lose that sparkle, that central puzzle piece that connected all the other pieces. Before the race my confidence went through ebbs and flows, but by race day I was ready for battle, Ready to embrace the challenge and ready to do a race I would be proud of no matter what the finishing position.

Crossing the line as World Champion in 2011 was exciting, being able to repeat it 2014, knowing where to look for that missing puzzle piece so that by race day everything fit together flawlessly was an even bigger accomplishment.

Wearing the rainbow stripes is an honour I embrace. I will continue to have great days and days where I make mistakes, but I will always give you my best on each day.

I look forward to having fun wearing and racing in the rainbow stripes everyday of next year!

There are so many people that made this ride & my career possible.

My husband Keith, key to keeping mtn biking fun and my head on straight and life in balance
Waldek and Dusty from Luna who were in the pits to save my race with the fastest, most quietly confident wheel change ever.  Staff cannot win a World Championship, but without the professional competence of these two it most certainly could have been lost.
Dan Proulx, who coached me for 11 years and now mentors me as I coach myself

Mom and Dad, who travelled to Norway because they still just love watching their little girl race.
My mother and father-in law Sues and Grainger for cat sitting for 2 months so that Keith could travel with me!

Luna; the team with the vision to give women, just like out male counterparts the opportunity to support themselves and race professionally on mtn bikes

My teammates on both Luna and team Canada, especially Maghs and Sandra, for believing and dreaming with me and inspiring me with their own riding and attitude.  I feel so lucky to spend my life surrounded by great people!

So Thank you Thank you Thank you Family, Friends fans and Sponsors.  You are the best!

Pink bike photo epic

Take a lap with Claudio Caluori and Jose Hermida
Watch the whole race here


Jenny Brown said…
Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world, world champ!!
Anonymous said…
Catherine, it's Andrew Breen from the old days at UNB Fredericton/the Kingston peninsula. Had the TV on in the background and saw your face pop-up on the screen and you were on the podium. Huge congrats! That's pretty amazing :)