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Albstadt: Round 2 Ding ding

After 11 days in Europe it was time to line up again for round two of the World Cup series.   Luna had spent an ideal week south of Albstadt on the Danau (Danube river) watching canoe and Kayaker’s paddle past, riding along the lush river valley under castles perched on cliffs and enjoying delicious fresh baked bread daily. Perks of Europe! With more time away from travel and jet lag I was feeling mentally and physically much more amped to race.  There’s nothing like having 2+ minutes put into me in a race to light my fire! Speaking of light, check out the magic tree Matt Delorme caught in the Black Forest The start box reserved for the top 8 women, has the sound and intensity of a bee swarm.  8 women doing their final warm up, knobby tires on trainers, managers and media swarming back and forth, everyone focused on their role. With 5 minutes to go we roll to the line and our preselected start positions. I was feeling ready to go and determined to see the front end of t